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Checked baggage fees imposed by airline carriers.

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The merchant name Trip Charges may appear on your credit card statement if you have used your credit card for travel reservations or for changes to existing travel reservations made with points or miles through your loyalty program as well as for purchased travel.

Our company provides online and call center travel fulfillment for:
  • On behalf of loyalty redemption programs for:
    • Credit cards
    • Debit cards
    • Hotel Programs
    • Airline Frequent Flier Programs
  • Leisure travel for affinity groups
  • Leisure travel
  • Business travel
The charges may be reflective of:
  • Award overages
  • A combination of cash plus points or miles
  • Service fees
  • Modifications or changes to your reservation
  • Security fees
  • Fuel related service fees
  • Overnight delivery charges
  • Theme park, activity and attraction passes
  • Airfare reservations
  • Deposits for cruises or tours
  • Pre-paid hotel reservations
  • Pre-paid car reservations
  • Purchase of vacation packages
If you still have additional questions regarding the nature of your charges, please contact us at 208-429-2349.

Trip Charges

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